Royal Hawaiian Mint Commemorative Coins

gold_princess_300 The Royal Hawaiian Mint has remained true to its original dedication, "Preserving Hawaiiana in precious metals" for over 36 years. The Mint is known for its strong, compelling designs that depict important Hawaiian events and themes. From the simple hand engraved Original Designs, to the Contemporary Editions, to the legendary Historic Collection of Royal Hawaiian Gold & Silver in seven sizes, to the dynamic Pearl Harbor design, to the massive eight ounce Unification of Hawaii issue, to the Overthrow of Hawaii and Statehood with the United States, corporate commemoratives, impressive medals and stunning coin jewelry.

Commemorative Hawaiian Coins

We have developed six very special "Royal Designs" to commemorate Hawaii and the Monarchs who ruled the island kingdom from the Discovery of Hawaii 2000 years ago to the 200th anniversary of the Unification of Hawaii that features King Kamehameha as a young warrior in 1795 to the 100th anniversary of the Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii on January 17, 1893. Each of the six Royal Designs commemorates a compelling historic event of great importance over the past 2000 years in extremely fine graphic medallic form. Click HERE for more info.

2011 Pearl Harbor Commemorative Coins

Pearl Harbor
70th Anniversary of the Attack

DECEMBER 7, 1941: "A date which will live in infamy" —FDR. No event in Hawaii has had such worldwide impact as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that forced America into a war that ultimately lead to victory and a dominant role in world affairs.

The Royal Hawaiian Mint is honored to commemorate this important event. Ushering in a "Year of Remembrance" of that fateful attack, the 70th Anniversary Pearl Harbor commemorative was issued on December 7, 2010. Each Pearl Harbor Silver Commemorative is Proof minted, weighs one ounce of .999 fine silver and is beautifully packaged with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Hawaiian Commemorative Coin Jewelry

Fine Hawaiian Coin Jewelry

Do you prefer to wear your coins? The Mint provides a wide variety of Hawaiian coin jewelry. Working with the finest Island jewelers, the Mint has created the most exquisite gold and silver coin jewelry available anywhere. From simple framed silver coins under $20 to one of a kind high end designer collections, we can create a great custom piece for you. Please call or email to discuss your special jewelry request.

Hawaiian Commemorative Coins

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